2019 Red Burgundy - LEGENDARY, VINTAGE OF THE CENTURY - Almost Gone!

2019 Red Burgundy - A must for all serious cellars
Do you have enough in YOUR cellar?
Much has been written about the 2019 vintage. Having tasted quite a selection we can tell you that it is a fantastic vintage for Red Burgundy.
Steen Ohman, winehog.org is a critic all Burgundy lovers should be familiar with. Steen has written 3800 articles over the last decade many of them with information you will not find anywhere else. His reviews are also excellent. One feels he really is tasting the wine and considering his comments.
His Burgundy Vintage Charts are updated regularly to reflect development and changes over time.
The latest version places the 2019 Red Burgundy at the very top of the tree. He accords it a Legendary Rating and comments that is the Vintage of the century.
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Bernard Hervet, former director of Faiveley and Bouchard, two of the biggest maisons in the region, went so far as to say that it could “perhaps rival 1865, the greatest vintage of all”.
Benoît Stehly, winemaker at Domaine Georges Lignier in Morey-Saint-Denis, claims to have made “the vintage of [his] lifetime”. His best harmonise the power of 2012, 2015 and 2018 with the elegance and definition of 2014 and 2017. His 2019's arrive this week and are still available Pre Arrival.
Cropping levels in 2019 were low and despite covid world demand has been enormous.
Our 2019's have arrived enforce. Sales have been extremely strong. As well as retail sales we are experiencing serious interest from restaurants.
At present we have around 135 different 2019 Burgundies in stock with another 20-odd still to arrive. We have a big range but quantities remaining of most wines are extremely small.
If you have not already dipped your toe in the water now is the time. We have sold over 80% of our 2019 Burgundy allocations so there is not a lot left.
Mix and match as you please. Free shipping in Australia on any 12 bottles.
Now that's another excellent vintage. We have almost 150 red Burgundies currently available. You may combine with in-stock 2019's for immediate despatch..
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