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Domaine Bony Gachot

Domaine Bony Gachot is tiny. It was created in 1960 by Jean-Pierre Bony who had just 4.5 hectares of vines.

In 2020 Fabienne Bony, the daughter of Jean-Pierre, with the support of her husband Samuel Gachot, took control of the family domaine changing the name from Domaine Jean-Pierre Bony to Domaine Bony Gachot, hoping that their daughters will take control at some stage in the future.

They have expanded the domaine to 7.14 hectares which is still tiny!
Here are a few quotes from the French press...

Gault and Millau"Fabienne Bony produces wines with everything delicately balanced. One could almost speak about wines in the feminine. We like their so fine character and this lacy approach with a cool material of small fruits of wood. They are very good and in muted colours with length and intensity."

Cuisine et Vins de France: "Fabienne Bony raises his red Burgundy as she educates her daughters, with patience and softness. Wines are pure, very well brought up, with delicate aromas of black fruits. To drink with mushrooms and game."