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Chateau Beauchene

The Bernard family has lived in Orange since the 17th century. Originally "mesnagers" or tenant farmers, the Bernards were to profit from the social upheavals of the French Revolution, buying their first vineyard soon after the conflict in 1794. This vineyard is still in their hands today.


The domaine is dominated by a handsome chateau built in the 18th century (which is used on their label) alongside a 12th century farm. The land was occupied much earlier as Roman artefacts and coins are often recovered from the earth.


Since 1971, Michel Bernard, with his wife Dominique, runs the vineyard which they have developed. In 2004, their eldest daughter joined the board. Today, Chateau Beauchene has become the hub for the vinification and maturation of all the cuvees from the different vineyards owned by the family.

The family has vineyards in three appellations totalling 80 hectares:

  • Chateauneuf du Pape
  • Cotes du Rhone Villages
  • Cotes du Rhone

The complete harvest is bottled at the Château Beauchêne.

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