Our Producers


The winemaking activity of the Kuentz family is documented in the Husseren Les Châteaux town archives since 1795. Their cellar, which is still in use to this day, was built in 1894. The exceptional quality of their production opened new opportunities for bottle sales in Alsace of course, but also in Paris, and abroad.


The Kuentz-Bas Estate is located in Husseren Les Châteaux, the village with the highest altitude of the Alsace wine road, and located on the foothills of the "Trois Châteaux" (three castles) of Eguisheim, about 8 km south of Colmar.


They produce a range of dry Rieslings from a variety of sites including the Grand Cru Pfersigberg. They also have an outstanding array of sweet wines from the interesting grape varieties of the region.