Personal Cellar Manager

Personal Cellar Manager


Spend less time managing your collection and more time enjoying your wine.


Grand Millesime offer you a personal cellar manager that will give you access to a dedicated wine expert to design, manage and maintain and grow your collection. With a one-on-one relationship with your personal cellar manager we can work with you to help you build, manage and enjoy your wine collection.


We understand every client’s needs are unique, we will begin with listening to your wants and needs. Depending on what you would like to do will determine what services we will set up for you


Step One - Understand

We will schedule time to sit down and discuss your current needs and future desires, this can be arranged by a personal meeting, phone, email or a conference call via skype.


Step Two - Design

Based on our understanding, we create a plan to achieve your wine collection goals.


Step Three - Execute

We execute the design for your wine collection, based on the guidelines we’ve created.


Step Four - Maintain

We maintain your collection and cellar based on your specific needs. We do the work: You enjoy the wine.



We will use our contacts to source the best wines and the best prices possible


Cellar Management

Upload new purchases into a cellar Management system with options to store your wine collection in a climate controlled environment.



Provide pairings and recommendations for entertaining Coordinate transit of wine.


Once we have agreed to your needs we will put together a plan and allocate the time needed to manage your portfolio Each personal cellar manager supports a limited number of clients so they can maintain the flexibility to match your schedule and requirements. However we recommend you schedule specific dates as soon as you can



Fees for a personal cellar manager are based on your collection and specific needs. Pricing is based on single day increments and starts at one day per month upwards.


Please contact for a personalized quote.