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Selling your wine with Grand Millesime on consignment can be quicker, more lucrative and simpler than sending wine to auction. You have control over the final price you realise and are not subject to the ups and downs of the unpredictable auction market.


We have a large data base and established wish lists from our clients eager to buy serious wine, particularly Burgundy.


Wines must meet the following criteria:

  • Wines must retail for higher then $70 per bottle
  • Wines must have a professional review of 90 points or higher
  • Bottles must have been well cellared and meet our strict inspection guidelines
  • Wines must be transfered to Grand Millesime for inspection and storage in our climate controlled cellars


Six easy steps from submitting your list of wines for sale to receiving to payment.


Step One - Submit a list of wines you are interested in selling if possible with a list of realistic prices you would like to realize.


Step Two - Grand Millesime will examine the list and provide our comments.


Step Three - You approve the final agreed prices and return signed contract.


Step Four - Transfer wine to Grand Millesime for Storage and Inspection.


Step Five - Receive Payment 10 days after the last day of the month for wines that have sold.


Step Six - After 90 days, Review pricing with our buyer or request unsold wine to be returned.


Fees 15% commission will be charged on all wines or 10% when opting for store credit with Grand Millesime.


Seller is responsible for all shipping expenses.

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