Last 2 Seats to our Volnay Dinner at Ryne

Last 2 Seats to our Volnay Dinner at Ryne

26-08-2019 09:00 AM

Join us for a romp throught the Premier Cru Vineyards of Volnay


Volnay - it’s always been known for its aromatics and finesse. In the past it was considered a light wine but in recent years we have seen a renaissance. Great 21st century Volnay still retains its elegance but has much more concentration and interest.


The 2016 vintage universally produced the best Volnay I have seen. The delightful fruit of the vintage suits the Volnay terroir and pretty much every Premier Cru Volnay I have tasted has left me with a positive impression. The wines are quite simply delicious.


To understand Burgundy you need to compare and discuss. What better way to do it than with a comparative tasting of like wines from two producers? Our You’ve got to love VOLNAY: Bouley vs Buffet 2016 Volnay Dinner features 11 Premier Crus from these two producers. All of the wines are from 2016 and the final bracket of 4 will be a direct comparison of Volnay’s big guns - Champans and Clos des Chenes. I might be sneaky and serve these four wines blind.


Before we get to those wines we’ll look at 7 other Premier Crus including two Monopoles - one from each domaine. We’ll also taste the Bouley Santenots which lies entirely in the boundaries of Meursault yet is always labeled as Volnay (ah, those French!). This will give a picture of the varying terroirs of Volnay and the different style of each domaine.


Our Burgundy Dinners are designed not just to be enjoyable but to increase your understanding of the world’s greatest wine region. To assist we will provide extensive tasting notes and welcome discussion and questions. So if you would like to try some wonderful 2016 Premier Crus and pick up a few pointers along the way come and join us.


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