Only 4 Seats left at our Burgundy Rarities Dinner

Only 4 Seats left at our Burgundy Rarities Dinner

19-08-2015 05:00 PM

We have some exceptional aged Burgundy for our next Rare Wine Dinner.

This dinner we will step back in time almost a century with a selection of Burgundy going back to 1918 and a very rare Graham's Vintage Port from 1917. The lineup is a roll call of great Burgundy vintages.

Finding these great old bottles has become very difficult and our reserves are all but exhausted. I can't tell you how difficult it is to find wines from the period of the First World War. These are something very special.

The Dinner will be at Circa in St Kilda. Chef Ashly Hicks produces some great food and I am sure it will beautifully match the wines

There are only 12 places for this dinner (including myself). The cost is $1395.00 per Person, not at all bad when you consider the cost of current vintage DRC, Rousseau and other big names.

To read more and see the full wine list click here.

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