A Bourgogne Blanc that drinks like a Premier Cru!

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Forget what is on the label! This Bougogne drinks at Premier Cru level


Alongside the cellars of Domaine Doudet lies a very special 0.43 hectare parcel of land. Planted in the 1960's this walled plot ( the two triangular vineyards in the image above) is called Le Clos en Village. It is technically Savigny-les-Beaune Villages however the bureaucratic nightmare required to reclassify the wine is not worth the trouble for the paltry 1,800 bottles produced annually.


The domaine prefers to sell the wine as Bourgogne Le Clos en Village Vieille Vigne (old vines) and we are one of only four people in the world to offer this special cuvee.


We showed the wine at our recent New Arrivals tasting and I was even more blown away with the quality that I was when I tasted it at the domaine. So I opened another bottle on the weekend just to check. This wine is a killer! It is NOT a simple generic Bourgogne - the wine would match it with many Premier Crus. If you love White Burgundy at a great price you should have some of this wine. Trust me - it is complex and delicious. You will not be disappointed.


Domaine Doudet Bourgogne Blanc 

Le Clos en Village Vieille Vigne 2011

In Stock $44.50 a bottle

Case of 12 bottles $489.50 (=$40.79 a bottle)


Doudet Bourgogne Clos en Village Normally a parcel this small would be blended with other Bourgogne but the quality and flavour of the fruit from the old vines is so special that the domaine bottles it separately.  


Vinous. Fresh and vibrant with lots of citrus (grapefruit and lemon-lime) and mineral. Subtle notes of struck match add further complexity. Mid palate is very textured. Zippy with considerable length extended by surprisingly high acidity for 2011. Delicious!


This wine punches way above its weight. For me it is comparable in quality to many Premier Cru whites.


Only about 8 cases left. I can't recommend his wine more highly.


Forget what is on the label. This is seriously good white Burgundy at a low price.


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We also have a little of the 2010 available. The quality and flavours are similar and I know many customers prefer to buy 2010. In this case I consider the 2011 to be a slightly superior wine. Click here to view the 2010. And, of course, you may mix and match both vintages.


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