Domaine Clusel-Roch. Artisan Cote-Rotie. Last Chance before Prices rise.

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A brilliant but tiny Cote-Rotie domaine

Last Chance before prices rise due to the falling Australian Dollar


The tiny Domaine Clusel was established in 1969 by Rene Clusel. In 1989 his son Gilbert changed the name to Clusel-Roch, Roch being his wife's family name.

Today the propery is still tiny (even by Burgundy standards!) with just 3.5 hectares of Cote-Rotie and 0.5 hectares in Condrieu. The domaine also has vines in the Coteaux de Lyonnais.

Clusel Vineyard The vines are planted on terraces along the steep slopes of Côte Rôtie, with two wooden stakes tied above each vine to help protect against the region's occasionally howling winds. Having officially converted to organic farming practices in 2002, most work in the vineyards is done manually, without the use of any chemical fertilizers. 


In order to even better express the tradition of the vineyard, the domaine only uses vines from their own selection of Syrah plantings, which are grafted in their own small nursery. According to Gilbert, these traditional Ampuis vines are less productive and give more complex aromas than available modern selections. When harvest time comes, the grapes are manually selected, and fermented with indigenous yeasts, furthering the site purity in each wine. With annual production of about 1250 cases per year, Domaine Clusel-Roch is able to focus all their attention on each aspect of the winemaking, from vine to bottle, and it shows! The wines are extremely well reviewed. The problem is finding them!  


Clusel Grandes Places We are delighted to have been offered distribution of this outstanding domaine for Australia. Clusel-Roch is our first Northern Rhone domaine and it is exciting to have such an artisan maker in our portfolio. They produce 4 different Cote-Roties including the exceptional single site wines Vialliere and Grandes Places.


Our offer includes wines from the great, but quite different, 2009 and 2010 vintages. With such a small production, as I am sure you can imagine, quantities available are tiny. Please act quickly if you wish to add some of these wines to your cellar.


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