2019 Releases from Domaine Bernard Millot. Wines arrive next week. Last chance to buy Pre Arriva

2019 Releases from Domaine Bernard Millot. Wines arrive next week. Last chance to buy Pre Arrival and Save 15%

Stylish wines from an exciting small domaine
Quantities available are very small
Domaine Bernard Millot is a small domaine in Meursault. With just 8 hectares of vines Emilien Millot, the fourth generation, produces a range of fine whites from Meursault, Puligny-Montrachet and Beaune.
The domaine's wines are beautifully fresh with an elegance not often seen in Meursault. Emilien strives to preserve the typicity of each vineyard and let the terrior express itself. He is a very conscientious winemaker who shies away from the spot light, preferring to let his wines shine. They are also very reasonably priced and come highly recommended.
There are some gems in the range here - and not just the Premier Crus. The Bourgogne and Meursault lieux-dit wines punch way above their weight.
This year we are delighted to have been allocated not just Meursault Les Vireuils and En la Barre but for the first time some Les Petits Charrons and Les Terres Blanches.
That makes a wonderful set of 4 wines from sites across Meursault.
The map below shows the location of the 4 vineyards.
Click the map to enlarge
We are too early for tasting notes but many of you have tasted and loved the 2016, 2017 and 2018 wines from this maker. They are always fresh and vibrant with none of the heavy-handedness seen in Meursault of the past. Emilien wants to wines to display their terroir.
Get your order in quickly and save 15% on all wines.
We also have a small range of back vintages in stock. You can view them on our website here.
Meursault Les Vireuils 2019
Landed Price $136.50
Pre Arrival Price $115.95
One of our favourite Lieu-dits - Les Vireuils - is the most westerly and is very high on the hill. The slope is steep and the soil is stony producing a racy, mineral wine. Coche-Dury and Roulot also bottle this wine – an indication of the unique and exciting character of this vineyard.
Meursault En la Barre 2019
Landed Price $136.50
Pre Arrival Price $115.95
Lying on the north east side of the town is the vineyard Meursault En la Barre. The “La Barre” vineyards are best known from Domaine Comte Lafon’s Meursault Clos de la Barre. This monopole lies over the wall from En la Barre. En la Barre produces mineral wines due to the limestone bedrock that lies below very thin top soil. The wines are tense and vibrant and lip smackingly good.
Meursault Les Petits Charons 2019
Landed Price $136.50
Pre Arrival Price $115.95
A 3.64 hectare vineyard below Les Rougeots. Millot have a tiny parcel. Being so small we seldom see it offered.
Meursault Les Terres Blanches 2019
Landed Price $136.50
Pre Arrival Price $115.95
Les Terres Blanches is even smaller - the total size being just 1.76 hectares. There are very few makers and even fewer owners. One notable being Pierre Morey, formerly of Domaine Leflaive, who purchased a parcel in 2006.
Also available...
Bourgogne Chardonnay 2019
Landed Price $62.95
Pre Arrival Price $53.50
Case of 12 Bottles $604.30
Millot’s wine is 100% old vine Chardonnay from gravelly soil, picked and sorted by hand, and aged in old oak barrels for twelve months. The resulting wine, like everything the domaine produces, is fresh and vibrant with notes of citrus, flowers and minerals. The grapes come from Meursault. The wine has a diam closure.
Always a beauty!
Puligny-Montrachet Les Corvees 2019
Landed Price $136.50
Pre Arrival Price $115.95
Only 22 bottles left
Millot's only Puligny. This comes from a small parcel on the Meursault border. Great value for Puligny-Montrachet.
Meursault 1er Cru Les Gouttes d'Or 2019
Landed Price $199.95
Pre Arrival Price $169.95
Only 18 bottles left
Gouttes d'Or - the drops of gold - one of Burgundy's delightful names from times long past. US President Thomas Jefferson singled this vineyard out as his favourite Meursault ordering quantities of the 1784! The vineyard faces slightly north which is a great assistance in limiting the rays of the sun. It is also quite steep allowing for good drainage.
Meursault 1er Cru Les Perrieres 2019
Landed Price $229.95
Pre Arrival Price $195.50
Only 8 bottles left
Universally acknowledged as Meursault's finest vineyard and often spoken of as a candidate for elevation to Grand Cru. The soil here is very stony making for a complex, mineral wine. The domaine does not make a lot and we are fortunate to have a small amount to offer.
Orders may also be placed to [email protected].
Wines arrive next week.
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