2011 Burgundy: Supreme Elegance and Transparency

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...wines of absolutely lovely purity, perfume and transparency down to their respective terroirs.....

The new year heralds the arrival of offers for the latest Burgundy vintage. 2011 follows on from the outstanding, if very different 2009 and 2010 vintages. 


What is it like? Do you need to own the wines?


The most informed and descriptive critique I have read to date is from John Gilman's A View from the Cellar. John's writings and reviews are a must for lovers of serious wines, particularly Burgundy. He visits many domaines and I always feel has has tasted the wine without prejudice. www.viewfromthecellar.com.


John describes the 2011 Burgundy vintage as "extremely elegant, low octane, and unquestionably outstanding".


2011 Labels x4 He goes on to say: So what are the wines like in this lovely vintage of 2011? In general, they are wines of absolutely lovely purity, perfume and transparency down to their respective terroirs. The red wines tend to be wines of medium-full or gently full-bodied structures, with very suave, almost silky tannin textures, relatively low (but not alarmingly so) acidities, truly striking transparency,
and structural integrity that often seems to build as one moves up the hierarchy of appellations from regional wines, through the villages cuvées to premier and grand crus. ...There is an absolutely beautiful harmony to the vast majority of the 2011 reds that I tasted and these are wines that are going to absolutely enchant red Burgundy lovers who value elegance and transparency.


As far as the white wines go, they too share absolutely beautiful purity of fruit tones, often quite overtly floral characteristics, lovely freshness and bounce, good to very good acidity (this varies a bit depending on harvest start dates and characteristics particular to vine age and vineyard microclimate) and fullish or gently full-bodied personalities. Like the reds, these are not wines of particularly high alcohol levels, which gives great freshness to the fruit components, and the lower octanes and cooler back half of the growing season seem to have conspired to really etch the wines with stunning transparency down to their respective soils.  


2011 sees a return to the lower alcohol wines of yesteryear, a feature that will delight many Burgundy lovers.


John has given his permission to reproduce his critique in full and I do recommend you take the time to read it. You can download it here.


A few 2011 Burgundies have already arrived but most will be offered Pre Arrival over the coming months. It is another small vintage and the wines will not be available in large quantities. You can view our current Pre Arrival Offers here. We will expand the range as more offers come through from the domaines.


2011 Burgundy already in stock may be viewed here.


Orders may be placed online, by telephone or by email to sales@grandmillesime.com.au. 


One other thing I should mention. We are being gently reminded by the domaines about the 2012 vintage. By all accounts it is absolutely superb but the production is tiny, in some cases as little as 20% of normal. Our allocation of 2012 will hinge on what we purchase of 2011 so priority for 2012s will go to those who have purchase 2011.




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2009 and 2010 Burgundy

We still have a good, if diminishing range of 2009 and 2010 Burgundy available.


To see what is available click the links below.


For 2009 click here

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