2016 Bordeaux - The Vintage of a Lifetime?

2016 Bordeaux - The Vintage of a Lifetime?

Bordeaux 2016 header
2016 Red Bordeaux
The Vintage of a Lifetime?
These are certainly exceptional wines
We have seen 2016 Bordeaux described as the "Vintage of a Lifetime". Whether that is true remains to be seen but the vintage is certainly something special. There are fantastic wines at all price points.
Antonio Galloni of Vinous Media says "The 2016s are absolutely remarkable wines. The word that comes to mind, unfortunately so often overused, is balance. In technical terms, the 2016s boast off the charts tannins that in many cases exceed those of wines from massive vintages such as 2010. And yet, the best 2016s are absolutely harmonious, with the tannins barely perceptible at all.

The 2016s also have tremendous energy and bright, acid-driven profiles, with many wines playing more in the red-fruit area of the flavor spectrum. One of the results of the unusual growing season is that alcohols range from 0.5% to 1% lower than what has been the norm in recent years."
James Suckling states "Some winemakers in Bordeaux are calling the 2016 vintage part of "the second coming of Bordeaux" due to the overall excellent quality of the wines and their unique character. And after tasting more than 1,300 wines from 2016 a few weeks ago in Bordeaux, I must agree.

After the superb 2015, Bordeaux is showing great quality in the bottle once again with many outstanding 2016s.
The wines have a classicism that reminds me of the great wines of the 1980s, but they have much more precision and clarity due to advances in viticulture and winemaking since then. And they seem much less manipulated than some Bordeaux from the first decade of this century when some producers were making more marketing-driven wines."
Today we present a fine selection of over 50 different 2016 Red Bordeaux. Feel free to mix and match as you please.
Buy any 12 or more bottles and deduct 5%.
The easiest way to present the offer is as a spreadsheet.
You can download the offer in PDF format click here.
JR = Jancis Robinson
V = Vinous Media
JS = James Suckling
JD = Jeb Dunnuck
WE = Wine Enthusiast
RP = Robert Parker, Wine Advocate
WS = Wine Spectator
ST = Stephen Tanzer
D = Decanter
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NSD 2016 Dinner Yagiz
The Premier Crus of Nuits-St-Georges. 12 Different Vineyards from 2016. Monday 3 February at Yagiz
Last 4 seats
A trek throught the Premier Crus of Nuits-St-Georges
We often speak about the different sections of Nuits-St-Georges and how distinct they are. With no Grand Crus (at least for the moment) the commune relies on 41 Premier Crus for its reputation. 
These vineyards fall into three sectors. At the far south, in Premeaux-Prissey, are ten Premier Crus. In my opinion these are in general the least interesting wines. They can be lean and tannic and much care is required to ensure the wines remain balanced.
The second sector is just south of the village of Nuits-St-Georges. The wines produced here are rich and powerful. They are naturally tannic but have the fruit weight to ensure balance is not an issue. Les St-Georges and Vaucrains have applied for elevation to Grand Cru status. In good vintages there is a valid argument. Time will tell.
At the far north on the Vosne-Romanee border are the third group. The wines here are finer and more aromatic combining characteristics of Nuits and Vosne. These are popular and quite charming with more spice than the vineyards to the south.
In Nuits-St-Georges, perhaps more than anywhere else, a knowledge of the vineyards is worth its weight in gold.
Our Premier Crus of Nuits-St-Georges 2016 Dinner features 12 different vineyards from these two top sectors. The wines come from 4 different producers. It is quite a superb array of wines. To view a map of the vineyards of Nuits-St-Georges click here.
The dinner will be at Yagiz in South Yarra. We only have 12 seats available so please book in quickly.
The wine list (arranged from north to south):
Domaine Bertagna Nuits-St-Georges 1er Cru Les Murgers 2016
Domaine Chevillon-Chezeaux Nuits-St-Georges 1er Cru Aux Champs-Perdrix 2016
Domaine Chevillon-Chezeaux Nuits-St-Georges 1er Cru Les Bousselots 2016
Domaine Jean Chauvenet Nuits-St-Georges 1er Cru Aux Argillas 2016
Domaine Jean Chauvenet Nuits-St-Georges 1er Cru Rue de Chaux 2016
Domaine Chevillon-Chezeaux Nuits-St-Georges 1er Cru Les Crots 2016
Domaine Robert Chevillon Nuits-Saint-Georges 1er Cru Les Pruliers 2016
Domaine Chevillon-Chezeaux Nuits-St-Georges 1er Cru Les Porets 2016
Domaine Jean Chauvenet Nuits-St-Georges 1er Cru Les Poulettes 2016
Domaine Robert Chevillon Nuits-Saint-Georges 1er Cru Les Perrieres 2016
Domaine Jean Chauvenet Nuits-St-Georges 1er Cru Les Vaucrains 2016
Date: Monday 3 February 2020
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Yagiz, 22 Toorak Road, South Yarra, 3141
Cost: $199.00 per person

Click here to book on line or email darren@grandmillesime.com.au.

Under the Liquor Reform Act 1998, it is an offence for a person under the age of 18 years to purchase or receive liquor. It is also an offence for a licensee to supply liquor or permit liquor to be supplied to a person under the age of 18 years.

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