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One issue with shipping multiple containers in a short space of time is that some wines get lost in the chaos. Whilst doing some work on the container arriving yesterday I noticed that we have not promoted the Domaine Philippe Cheron Chambolle-Musigny 2016. In fact I had not even added my tasting note from my visit to the domaine late last year.
This is a very interesting wine. You will have read how Burgundy suffered a catastrophic frost in April 2016. Some vineyards were completely destroyed yet others right alongside were barely touched. The commune with the most universal destruction seems to be Chambolle-Musigny when entire vineyards were lost resulting in tiny production for many domaines.

Domaine Philippe Cheron usually produce two Chambolle-Musigny cuvees - the single vineyard Clos de l'Orme and Les Quarantes Ouvrees, an assemblage of 12 different parcels in 9 climats in Chambolle-Musigny. An ouvree is a unit of measurement equivalent to the amount of land that could be dug by a vine grower in a day. It is 428 square metres.

In 2016 the frost affected Cheron's Chambolle vineyards preventing the production of the two cuvees. What was produced in Clos de l'Orme had to be combined with Les Quarantes Ouvrees. A special cuvee - the Tirage 2016 was born.

Whilst the quantity was down the frost had the effect of concentrating the must and some exceptional 2016 Chambolles were produced.

As mentioned above with so much wine coming in a few have slipped through the gaps. So today I present Cheron's one and only Chambolle from 2016.
The wine has arrived in Australia so it is only a matter of days before it will be unpacked and our Pre Arrival Prices will be removed. But before that happens I have a very special offer for this cuvee.
Instead of the usual 15% Pre Arrival Discount I have increased this to 30%. The price is only valid for paid orders received today and we only have 48 bottles available. If you get your order in quickly you will save $50.00 a bottle on this once-only cuvee.
Chambolle-Musigny Tirage 2016 
Landed Price $166.50
Normal Pre Arrival Price $141.50
Special Pre Arrival Price Today $116.50
Cheron Chambolle Tirage 2016 label Darren Harris: Only the one Chambolle-Musigny cuvee in 2016 due to the affects of the April frost. This Tirage cuvee combines what would normally be the Clos de l'Orme and Les Quarantes Ouvrees. Nose of deep red fruits, aromatic and refined. Combines raspberry, strawberry and pomegranate with some spicy-mineral notes including liquorice and Asian spices. The vine age is quite old and combined with the low cropping levels these provide a lovely lifted intensity on the palate. The tannins are fine, yet firm suggesting an excellent future in the cellar.
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Moulin-a-vent 1964
Amazing Bottles of Beaujolais Moulin-a-Vent from 1964
Whilst we generally think of Beaujolais as a wine to drink young that has not always been the case. Over the years I have had the pleasure of consuming bottles of Cru Beaujolais back to the 1920's and at 50 plus years the wines can be unbelievably thrilling.
The region was first cultivated by the Romans and later the Benedictine Monks. In the 15th century it was ceded to the Dukes of Burgundy. For centuries the reputation of the region was very strong and the wines were powerful and made to age. It was really only the 1980's that saw the reputation slide with the introduction of the awful Beaujolais Nouveau by negociants like Georges Duboeuf.
Earlier this week I purchased 6 bottles of Moulin-a-Vent from 1964. My experience with Beaujolais of this era (and particularly this vintage) has been terrific. Moulin-a-Vent is the fullest bodied and longest lived Cru and at 50 years it can look very much like a red from the Cote d'Or.
The bottles are in superb condition - see photo above.
If you are interested in tasting a little bit of history and wines you are not likely to see again you should jump on a bottle or two. I think this 50+ year old Beaujolais isjust terrific and not expensive.
Pre Arrival Price $295.00
To order email
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