Anzac Day Offer. Wine number 3 in our Selection Grand Millesime Series: Staindl Pinot Noir 2016


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Anzac Day Special
Selection Grand Millesime wine number 3
Yes, it is from Australia!
We don't have many Australian wines for sale. But what we do have are rather special...

I am delighted to offer wine number 3 in our Selection Grand Millesime program. The idea behind the program is to present wines from individual barrels that I have found to be very special. Part of my job is tasting many wines that are still in barrel and those who have done the same will know how different the same wine can taste from different barrels. When I find something that is particularly special I will try to buy the barrel and have the wine bottled exclusively for Grand Millesime.

Not surprisingly, our first Selection Grand Millesime wine was from Burgundy. Number 2 probably came as something of a shock when I announced it was from Chateauneuf-du-Pape.

Wine 3 is probably going to create more raised eyebrows when I announce that it is from the Mornington Peninsula. Yes, it's an Australian wine!
Staindl bottling The Staindl vineyard was one of the earlier plantings on the Mornington Pensinsula. The first vines were planted in 1982 and these, along with a later planting 12 years ago are used for this wine. The later vines are close planted on low, single cane trellis as you would see in Burgundy. Everything in the vineyard is hand managed and from 2017 the vineyard will be certified biodynamic. Cropping levels are very low at around 1 tonne per acre.
Late last year I tasted through every barrel of Staindl Pinot Noir. My Selection Grand Millesime wine comes from a single two year old Seguin-Moreau barrel with close grain and light toast. The wine was made by Rollo Crittenden and Paul Staindl.
We have a special introductory price for this wine with a 30% saving. The wine is in stock. You can drop in to 21 Toorak Road and grab a bottle to taste.
Staindl Pinot Noir Selection Grand Millesime 2016
Normally $55.00
Anzac Day Offer $38.50 (Save 30%)
Staindl Pinot label Darren Harris: Medium red. Expansive, aromatic nose of cherry and plum with a cool mint-like lift from the 15% whole bunch. The palate displays spicy notes with red fruits and defined minerality. In the mouth the wine fans out and remains very persistent after swallowing. Quite high in acid providing a fresh note to the layered flavours. Not a typical Aussie Pinot in that the fruit is not big and rich, in fact it is tightly wound. I see a little of the Leroy unfined, unfiltered, stems and restrained power here. Not Richebourg or Musigny of course, but a wine that punches above its weight.
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Muscat Winter Warmer Header

Two Rare Old Muscats
On Special Today
Two quintessential examples of  Rutherglen Muscat. These are viscous behemoths that pour like Castrol GTX, with a Tremendous  depth of colour, featuring a meniscus of Australian khaki green. These wines are a meal in themselves: those contemplating Xmas moderation could serve either of them in lieu of the plum pudding! But the more sensible approach would be to serve one or both of these wonders with the preferred pud and revel in how the richness and muscle of these wines embrace the pud's flavours and create the sort of food and wine match that is oft talked about, but seldom found.
Simply, Two great wines of immense power, luscious, complex and mouth filling,  So which to buy?

Muscat Cuvee 86
Muscat Cuvee 76
The "younger wine" has a slight edge in zest and freshness and with a touch of candied fruit peel adding to its complexity. The "senior" has greater power and size, with the flavours even darker and more pudding like.
Both wines probably best summed up by the following: in years gone by when cask samples were shown to one of Australia's greatest fortified producers and asked to comment he would sniff, utter "gold medal" and move on.

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