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These really are stupendous wines!
Arriving in a few weeks....

In October 2017 I visited domaine Launay-Horiot for the first time. I tasted the complete 2016 range from many barrels, several of the 2015's and some of the brand new 2017's. What superb wines they were. Last month I visited again and tasted the all the 2017's from barrel. The visit confirmed what magnificent wines this domaine is producing.
Xavier Horiot is a passionate and charming man. He is producing Pommard which is at the same time both elegant and true to character. On top his Pommards he has the Grand Crus Latricieres-Chambertin and Chambertin. 
The path to success was difficult. A decade long family feud meant Xavier had to fight for his domaine. To read the interesting backgound click here.
But I am very glad he did. His wines really are terrific.
Today we offer the 2015's from the domaine. The 2014's were very well reviewed but the 2015's go one step further. Burghound says "Because this is only Launay's second commercialized vintage (the '11s, '12s and '13s were all sold off), it's difficult to know whether the superb quality I found in 2015 is attributed to beginner's luck or whether he is simply a gifted winemaker. Either way, these are some of the best wines for their levels that I tasted and they're highly recommended."

I feel, having now tasted the wines that Xavier's passion has translated into the wines. He is indeed, a gifted winemaker with a very deft hand.

The 2015's are on the way from France. Some wines have sold out and the two Grand Crus are extremely low. There are also a few of the terrific 2014's in the shipment. This was Xavier's first commercialized vintage and also merit serious thought.
As I mentioned previously this is a domaine you should become familiar with.

All wines are offered at a 15% Pre Arrival Discount.

Pommard Perrieres 2015 
Landed Price $139.95
Pre Arrival Price $118.95

Launay-Horiot Perrieres Label Burghound: 
An attractively fresh though notably ripe nose combines aromas of plum and earth with those of spice and violet. The textured, dense and velvety middle weight flavors possess superb mid-palate density, all wrapped in a rustic and serious but balanced finish as the only nit is a very mild hint of warmth. This is an impressive villages that should drink well young and old. 89 Points
Pommard 1er Cru Chaponnieres 2015 
Landed Price $187.00
Pre Arrival Price $159.00
Launay-Horiot Chapnnieres NV label
Burghound: There is even better freshness to the plum liqueur, warm earth and forest floor-nuanced aromas. The rich, full-bodied and muscular flavors brim with dry extract that completely coats the palate on the powerful and firm but not really austere finale. This is surprisingly well-detailed given how rich and concentrated it is and this should amply reward extended cellaring yet it should also be reasonably approachable young. A Sweet Spot Wine. 93 Points

Pommard 1er Cru Clos Blanc 2015
Landed Price $187.00
Pre Arrival Price $159.00

Launay-Horiot Clos Blanc NV Label
Burghound: A discreet touch of wood sets off a similar fruit profile though the medium-bodied flavors are at once slightly bigger and richer but also finer and particularly so on the poised and lingering finish. It would not be unkind to observe that Clos Blanc is hardly among the finest 1ers in Pommard yet this is seriously good relatively to the quality the vineyard typically produces; in fact, this is the best example that I have seen since the Launay 2002, which was made from the same vines but not by Xavier Launay. A Sweet Spot Wine.
Latricieres-Chambertin Grand Cru 2015
Landed Price $500.00
Pre Arrival Price $425.00
9 bottles left

Here too there is just enough wood to warrant pointing out, but not so much as to detract from the equally cool and perhaps even more elegant aromas of red and dark currant, freshly turned earth and a whiff of forest floor. The sleek, intense and beautifully refined middle weight plus flavors exude evident minerality on the saline, gorgeously long and impeccably well-balanced finish where a touch of youthful austere appears. Textbook Latricières. (Burghound's top Latricieres-Chambertin of the vintage).
94 Points   
Chambertin Grand Cru 2015
Landed Price $669.00
Pre Arrival Price $569.00
Only 2 bottles left

A brooding and reticent nose trades less elegance for more complexity as the dark berry fruit, game, smoke, spice and distinctly earthy aromas are trimmed in a deft application of wood. As is typically the case with Chambertin, there is more size, weight and power if not necessarily more minerality to the focused, delineated and explosively long and very firm finale. There is terrific complexity and while this is clearly built-to-age, it should be more than worth the wait. In a word, marvelous.
95 Points   
and a great wine from 2014.....

Latricieres-Chambertin Grand Cru 2014
Landed Price $429.00
Pre Arrival Price $365.00

Wine Advocate - Neal Martin: 
The 2014 Latricières-Chambertin Grand Cru Comes from 0.17-hectares of vines, the first vines after Chambertin, just next to the late Patrick Bize's and Pierre Duroché's holdings. It has a candied bouquet with scents of red cherries, blood orange and wild strawberry, the oak here again nicely integrated and demonstrating good lift. The palate is medium-bodied with fine tannin and very well-judged acidity. I appreciate the harmony and the focus here, long and sustained in the mouth with a persistent minerally finish. This is well worth seeking out, a really elegant but beautifully balanced Latricières-Chambertin. 
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