13 Vintages of Quinta do Noval Nacional. The world's greatest Vintage Port

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An iconic wine
We offer an incredible range of 13 vintages!
Produced in tiny quantities, from a single 2.5 hectare vineyard, of gnarly, old, ungrafted vines on the Estate, Quinta do Noval's Nacional is the most revered and most collectable Port of them all. This patch of vines consistently produces a sublime wine, which is widely considered to be the pinnacle of Vintage Port, indeed it is one of the great wines of the world. Only years of unqualified excellence and typicity are considered worthy of declaration.

Christian Seely from Quinta do Noval says "'Nacional is special to me principally because it illustrates something I believe about wine, which is that a great wine takes its character and personality from the unique conditions of the place it comes from rather than from something that we do,' . 'We vinify the Nacional in the same way as all the other grapes from Quinta do Noval: foot treading in stone lagares - it would be difficult to imagine less technological winemaking - and yet every year the Nacional has a personality all of its own, because of the grapes it is made of and because of the place it comes from.'" Just like Burgundy.

The wine is rare (only around 200 cases per declared vintage) and we are delighted to present not one, but thirteen different vintages of this iconic wine. The selection includes the brilliant 1970, 1994 and 1997 vintages.

We offer the following wines. Prices are per bottle.
1960 2 bottles $3189
1964 2 bottles $1489
1970 2 bottles $2339
1978 1 bottle $1020
1980 1 bottle $1020
1982 1 bottle $850
1985 2 bottles $1020
1987 3 bottles $1020
1994 2 bottles $2339
1996 3 bottles $1275
1997 2 bottles $2125
1999 1 bottle $1190
2000 2 bottles $1700
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