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The New 2016 Vintage from Domaine Castagnier

Last week we received our 2016 allocation from Domaine Castagnier. The weather played havoc with 2016 and in many communes production was severely reduced. You may have read that in Le Montrachet DRC, Leflaive, Lafon and three others have made the unprecedented decision to co-vinify the grapes that remained after the frosts to make two barrels of wine (about one-tenth of normal production). It was that bad! Many millions of dollars lost.
In addition to the whites of the Cote de Beaune some areas of the Cote de Nuits were also affected by the worst frost since 1981.
Castagnier Roche Label new So in 2016 my allocation from Castagnier is about the same in reds, but severely reduced in whites.
What of the vintage? On my last two trips I have tasted many 2016's from barrel. It looks to be a terrific vintage Castagnier Denis Label New for reds. I found the whites more difficult to understand at those early stages so will need to re-taste later this year. There is a vibrancy and freshness, and a savoury character reminiscent of 2014. However, there is more weight of fruit than Castagnier Clos Vougeot 2014, and less ripeness than 2015. Perhaps 2016 is more like 2010. Of the trio 2014, 2015 and 2016, from early tastings of the reds my favourite is 2016. To the right you can read the a report from Steen Ohman "". His initial impressions are very similar Castagnier Charmes-Chambertin to mine.
It is with pleasure I present the 2016's from Domaine Castagnier. The domaine has been on the rise since Jerome to took over from his father Guy. Last year Jerome won the prestigious Young Winemaker of the Year Award which will no doubt further the growing reputation and demand for his wines.
We are far too early for reviews and by the time they are published many of the wines will be long gone. In general, Castagnier does not receive much attention from the English-speaking press. However, his wines are extremely well reviewed by the French Guide Hachette des Vins, frequently a much better indication of who is on the rise. 
We offer all wines at a 15% Pre Arrival Discount. First-in, first-served. The wines remain extremely good value considering the demand for quality Burgundy. Many of Castagnier's Grand Cru Reds are still around the $250 mark which is very reasonable for bottles from the Cote de Nuits.

Grand Crus available:
Clos de la Roche
Clos St-Denis
Clos Vougeot
Chambertin Clos de Beze

Plus Premier Crus, Villages, a top Bourgogne and a bargain priced Coteaux Bourguignons. Some wines are available in magnum. But please note, quantities available of some wines are tiny. I have highlighted the wines above in red where quantities available are 12 or fewer bottles.

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2016 gold and red
The red 2016s - Impressions and first insights
By Steen Öhman July 4, 2017
After running through my tasting notes from my June 2017 trip I have updated my impressions on the 2016 red Burgundies.
I will update these impressions as I taste more 2016s over the next year, and add more insights as I find them.
Red Burgundies 2016 - style and impressions
The 2016 red Burgundies are classic, cool and vibrant with plenty of charm and energy.
Some offer very good intensity, while others offers a tremendous concentration due to the very low yields in some areas due to the frost in April 2016.
The fruit is offering a lot of freshness and tension, and this vivacity do make the wines very enjoyable and drinkable.
Another quality is the fine display of transparency - the expression of terroir is top shelf - and rivalling some of the best vintages in this field - not quite besting the 2010 at this stage. The detail and definition is also in the top end, but it remains to be seen if it can match the best.
So the 2016 reds are classic, detailed and transparent red Burgundies - the way I like them - the level of concentration show considerable variation with the yields ranging from next to nothing to a quite normal harvest.
Not a uniform vintage ... I do see considerable variation in intensity and presumably also in quality.
2016 and the variation in the yields and concentration
The 2016s offers a bit of the low yield concentration found in the 2010s it seems, so while less dense and ripe than the 2015 the 2016s do have a very good intensity in most cases.
In some cases the yields are very low indeed - well below 20 hl/ha, and in these cases concentration or should I say intensity can be almost sensational. With the freshness of this vintage I predict that these wines could well prove to be some of the top wines of the vintage - as the "natural" low yields do tend to amplify all elements of the wine - maintaining the balance in the wine - taking it to another level so to speak.
It will be interesting to follow these super 2016s to see if they do maintain the correct balance and transparency as the develop in cask.
The low yield effect will happen if the yield on the entire plot is lowered by the frost, and not if one end is producing normal yields whereas the other half was wiped out by the frost and is producing nothing. So the average yield do not taste the full story.
The quality of the red 2016s
So many parameters still at play - so its still very early to say something definite about the quality of the red 2016s.
It's quite obvious to compare the 2016s with the 2015s - fair or not - and the two vintages are very different indeed - with one being a rich and generous year producing some great wines, whereas 2016 has produced some more classic Burgundies.
I have however asked most of the producers about what they think (aside from selling the next vintage) ... and not many are at this stage committed to say anything clear about the quality of the 2016s relative to the 2015s.
Most do however prefer the style of the 2016s to the rich style of the 2015s. And I must say that I agree, as the 2016s offer so much charm and energy.
The 2016s on average do not have the size and weight of the 2015s but make no mistake - the concentration is excellent in many wines and while the wines are airy and elegant - there is plenty of fruit and mid-palate weight. It's a feisty vintage with a lot of energy the red 2016s.
My conclusion is currently that the 2015 might well be the best vintage in the long run - but I think I will prefer to enjoy the 2016s ... at least while waiting for the 2015s.
But the potential is there, in at least some of the 2016s, to match and sometimes even surpass the same wine from the 2015 vintage quality wise.
To compare quality would require that the wines are further in their development, but it will be a lot of fun to explore this during the next year or so. Stay tuned for more 2016 news and impressions.

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