Outstanding 2014 Bourgogne Blanc from the Chablis Region

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"If I told you this was villages Chablis - you'd happily believe me." Bill Nanson - The Burgundy Report
Can you imagine how good Bourgogne Blanc could be from around the Chablis region? Read the tasting notes and act quickly! We have just 10 cases remaining
"In the northwestern corner of Burgundy, east of Chablis bordering on the Champagne-Ardenne region, is the Tonnerrois. The area is centred around the town of Tonnerre and its 5400 inhabitants.
The Canal de Bourgogne cuts rights through the area, from the northwest to the southeast. This is the canal that connects the Saône to the Seine, and therefore also connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea via the Yonne and Seine to the Saône and the Rhône. Construction began in 1775 and was completed in 1832. In the past the canal was important to the local industry. Today tourism has taken the place of the industry.
The Tonnerre vignoble is both young and old. The vines were present already during Roman times. From the 10th century and onwards the monks began to develop the vignoble. At the end of the 19th century the Tonnerrois vines covered more than 5000 hectares. Then phylloxera almost entirely wiped out the vineyards in the area. Today, after extensive replanting during the last decades, it covers 240 hectares and in 2006 it received an appellation of its own - Bourgogne Tonnerre.
Restoration of the vignoble first began in Epineuil in 1970, led by mayor André Durand. In the mid-1800's this village four kilometres north of Tonnerre could count 350 hectares of vines.
In his book on the Yonne from 1882 Malte-Brun lists the most renowned climats in Epineuil and adds that the white wines from Côte de Grisey can compete with the most respected wines of the Côte d'Or." Bergman's Bourgogne.

In our search for classic 2014 Chablis we came across an exceptional Bourgogne from the Tonnerre region. Talk about high achievers! Read the note and get your order in!
Vignoble Dampt Bourgogne Tonnerre Chevalier d'Eon Blanc 2014
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Bill Nanson "The Burgundy Report":  
All chardonnay. A mix of Portlandian and Kimmerigian, some parts almost Chablis, other parts only 10km from Champagne.

A relatively bright and nicely fresh nose - this could be a Chablis. Nice texture, slightly layered and still with a hint of salinity to edge the fruit. If I told you this was villages Chablis - you'd happily believe me.
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