Premier Cru Chablis from the Exceptional 2014 Vintage. Just $44.50 a Bottle!


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Classic, mineral Chablis at outstanding prices! 
2014 Premier Crus for $44.50!
Part of the reason for travelling and tasting in Burgundy is to discover domaines that fly under the English-speaking critic's radar. We have been successful in the past and this trip has already thrown some names into the ring that will be new to Australian wine lovers.
Last Monday I visited Chablis for the Grand Jours de Bourgogne tasting and tried hundreds of wines. It quickly became apparent that 2014 is exceptional for Chablis. The wines are classic in style - very mineral and fresh, with lovely citric acidity. I was particularly impressed by the Premier Crus where the terroir absolutely sang (and the prices were often wonderful value).
I shortlisted some names and today I present the first of these.
Alain Geoffroy MoodDomaine Alain Geoffroy was founded in 1850. Today the domaine has just over 50 hectares of vines from Petit Chablis to the Grand Cru Les Clos. The domaine does not feature on most US critic's list but the wines are huge performers at French shows and are regular winners at the International Wine Challenge in the UK. The French newspaper Le Figaro characterizes the wines as " as being  fresh, fine and fruity, with a nice mineral footprint".

The 2014's I tasted were beautifully mineral and I constantly noted the wonderful citric acidity. They are classic Chablis for those who love Chablis "like it used to be".

So the wines are classic and mouthwateringly delicious - but what about the prices. Well, these have to be amongst the best value for money Chablis out there! You can buy Premier Crus for less than many charge for Villages wines!

Check out these Pre Arrival Prices, all 2014's:
Petit Chablis $28.50
Chablis Villages (screwcap!) $33.00
Chablis Villages Vieilles Vignes $34.50
Chablis 1er Cru Beauroy $44.50
Chablis 1er Vau Ligneau $44.50
Chablis 1er Cru Fourchaume $49.95
Chablis Les Clos Grand Cru $125.00
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2014 Burgundy

Not to be missed!


I have spent the last week in Burgundy tasting, tasting, tasting. Somewhere around 800 wines I think!


Most of the wines have been from the 2014 vintage and I can report that there are many exceptional wines.


2014 Chablis. The 2014 vintage is being extremely highly praised. I tasted a couple of hundred 2014's on Monday and I can see what the hype is all about. If you love classic, mineral, acid Chablis these are a must. Not everyone succeeded but there are a lot of wonderful wines. We don't have much at the moment but I was so impressed I will be adding a 2 or 3 makers to our portfolio. To view what is currently on offer click here.


2014 White Burgundy. Some are calling it the vintage of a lifetime. I can tell you that the best wines are truly exceptional. Very pure and driven with wonderful acidity. Many domaines have sold out or allocated most of their production. If you love White Burgundy jump in. What we have left is not large and will not last. A few new wines to come but not a lot! Click here for current availability. Don't miss out!


2014 Red Burgundy. The critics have ensured that the 2014 reds have been overshadowed by the whites. However, they really are extremely good. They are not huge and tannic. The wines are deeply coloured and are very transparent with the terroir singing. They are quite pleasant in this early phase but need more time to blossom. I really like the vintage and have found some exciting new red producers to add to our portfolio. More later. This is what is currently available. You won't be disappointed.


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