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Armagnac is a distinctive kind of  brandy  produced in the  Armagnac region  in  Gascony , southwest  France . It is  distilled  from  wine  usually made from a blend of grapes including  Baco 22A Colombard Folle blanche  and  Ugni blanc , traditionally using  column stills  rather than the  pot stills  used in the production of  Cognac . The resulting spirit is then aged in oak barrels for extended periods  before release. Production is overseen by the  Institut national de l'origine et de la qualité  (INAO) and the Bureau National Interprofessionel de l'Armagnac (BNIA).

Delord Armagnac Unlike Cognac, where big name brands dominate, Armagnac is is mostly distilled and sold by small producers.  Armagnac is traditionally distilled once, resulting in 52% of alcohol. This results in a more fragrant and flavorful spirit than Cognac, where double distillation takes place. Long aging in oak barrels softens the taste and causes the development of more complex flavours and a brown colour. Aging in the  barrel  removes a part of the alcohol and water by evaporation (known as part des anges -"angels' tribute" or " angels' share ") and allows more complex aromatic compounds to appear by oxidation, which further modifies the flavour. Since alcohol evaporates faster than water, the alcohol degree is naturally reduced by an average of 0.4% per year depending on the characteristics of the cellars (average temperature and humidity). When the Armagnac is considered as matured, it is transferred to large glass bottles (called "Dame Jeanne") for storage.

We have been offered a range of extraordinarily old Armagnac sourced directly from the producers. The youngest dates from 1918 - the oldest from 1893. This is a very rare opportunity for the connoisseur.
1893 Armagnac 40% 700ml $5000.00
1918 Grand Bas-Armagnac Domaine de Pichour 43.1% 700ml $3700.00

1900 Armagnac 40% 700ml $5400.00
1902 Armagnac 40% 700ml $5300.00
1903 Armagnac 40% 700ml $5000.00
1905 Armagnac 40% 700ml $4700.00
Price is per bottle. These are very rare wines and orders are subject to confirmation.
Orders may be placed by email to or phone. Bottles will be airfreighted from France - allow about 2 weeks for delivery.

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