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Wonderful quality but tiny quantity (again)...


Burghound on the 2013 Red Vintage in Burgundy: "2013 is the kind of vintage that I absolutely love. It's a burg geek's vintage par excellence. The best wines are superbly fresh and transparent as the underlying terroir is truly on parade. In fact I would go so far as to say that the terroir is so crystalline in 2013 that if nonbelievers are not persuaded by the transparency of the 2013s then they are never going to be. But laser beam-like definition is not all there is, as the wines are strikingly refreshing and while "fun" is often used as a pejorative descriptor when discussing "serious" wines, the 2013s are quite simply fun to drink. In fact, one of my favorite Burgundian sayings when describing
especially appealing or interesting wines is that "le premier verre appelle le deuxième" or the first glass calls for the second;
2013 is the epitome of that sentiment."


chauvenet Damodes Label Once again it was a difficult vintage and the quanties produced were small. Advice from France is to get "your order in quickly" as demand will outstrip supply and already many producers are close to selling out. 


Today we present the 2013's from Domaine Jean Chauvenet at Pre Arrival Prices. Chauvenet is a small family-owned domaine of just 10 hectares. The domaine produces 9 appellations (in regular years) specializing in some of Nuits-St-Georges most interesting vineyards.


The wines are always very well reviewed, rating up there with Gouges and Chevillon, and the 2013's are no exception. Despite gloomy predictions about pricing we are able to offer the 2013's at the same prices as the 2012's. But only for the next 48 hours. Unfortunately, decline in the value of Australian Dollar necessitates a reprice of all Pre Arrival wines. On Thursday 17 September 2015 prices for these wines will rise by approximately 10%.


We present the range of wines produced in the small vintage of 2013 from Bourgogne up to the mighty Nuits-St-Georges 1er Cru Les Vaucrains. To view them all, read Burghound notes, and to order on line click here.


Our regular Pre Arrival Discount is 15%. For order for a Full Case of 12 Bottles of one wine we offer a 20% discount.


You may also order by email to or phone. Website orders are recommended as you will receive immediate confirmation. 




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Back vintages in Stock


We have small quantities of Chauvenet wines going back to 2009 in stock.


To see what is available click here.









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