Fair Warning! Pre Arrival Prices will rise at the End of this Week‏

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Get your order before the end of the week to avoid price adjustments due to the fall in the Australian Dollar


The last couple of weeks has seen the Australian Dollar drop substantially against the Euro. This is bad news for European wine lovers. We have priced our Pre Arrivals based on a Dollar value of around 68-69 Euro cents. Today, the rate is below 61. The word from my foreign exchange expert is that there could be worse to come.


At the end of this week we will be repricing all Pre Arrival wines.


If you have already purchased and paid for Pre Arrival wines your cost is locked in. If you have been thinking about buying some wines available Pre Arrival please order very quickly if you wish to take advantage of the current prices..


Prices will increase 10-12% and this will make quite a difference on all Burgundy, particularly Grand Crus.


To view all Red Burgundy available Pre Arrival click here.


To view all White Burgundy available Pre Arrival click here.


As always you are welcome to mix and macth as you please. Free shipping on orders of 12 or more bottles.


You may order on our website or by email to [email protected] or telephone (03) 9326 5737. 




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Last of the Drappier Champagne
Drappier Range Header
We don't have much Drappier Champagne left. But what we do have is on special.
Check them out and pick up some bargains here.


Under the Liquor Reform Act 1998, it is an offence for a person under the age of 18 years to purchase or receive liquor. It is also an offence for a licensee to supply liquor or permit liquor to be supplied to a person under the age of 18 years.

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