40 Year Old Rioja for as little as $55.25 a Bottle!‏

40 Year Old Rioja

40 Year Old Rioja at prices starting at just $55.25 a Bottle! Be quick!


The region of Rioja remains the king of red wines in Spain, despite the fact that these days, there are less top producers making traditional wines than there were in the past. The wines are traditionally a blend of varieties with Tempranillo to the fore, aged for extended periods in old barrels.

Rioja is as age-worthy as the wines of Bordeaux and Burgundy, yet it flies under the radar compared to its more well-known peers. This means that a stellar bottle of aged or age-worthy Rioja can be procured for far less than a similarly rated bottle of Bordeaux or Burgundy. It remains a great bargain in today's wine world.


Today we present the last portion of the Rioja parcel recently purchased from Barcelona.


We have 6 different wines from the vintages of 1968, 1970 and 1973. They are all well respected vintages and I should point out they are between 42 and 47 years old!


We don't have tasting notes for most of the wines but at prices starting at just $55.25 a bottle these wines are well worth trying. The condition of the bottles is terrific - actual photos are on our website.


Click here to view and order the wines on our website. Orders may also be placed by email to asaf.gordon@grandmillesime.com.au or by phone. Don't delay - our recent Rioja offers have all been heavily over-subscribed.


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