Terroirs of Nuits-St-Georges Premier Cru Mixed Dozen Tasting Pack‏

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A voyage of discovery through the 

1er Cru vineyards of Nuits-St-Georges


The Premier Crus of Nuits-St-Georges fall into three distinct and quite different sectors.


NSG x4 2 North of the town, on the Vosne-Romanee border we find wines of finesse and perfume - a beguiling blend of Nuits strength and Vosne style. Boudots, Damodes, Argillas and Murgers are amongst the best.


Immediately south of the town is where the richest and most powerful wines are found. Here we have Les St Georges, Vaucrains, Cailles, Rue de Chaux and Pruliers - all classic Nuits.


Further south, in the commune of Primeaux, lie the third group. The area features many monopoles and interesting wines that are not as powerful as the middle group. Famous sites include Clos de Marechaudes, Les Argillieres and Clos St Marc.


Our Terroirs of Nuits-St-Georges features 12 different Premier Crus spanning the length of the commune. This dozen contains pretty much every vineyard worth tasting! A great way to learn about Nuits-St-Georges.

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The wines in this Pack are: 


From the North:


Domaine Jerome Chezeaux NSG 1er Cru Les Boudots 2012
Domaine Jean Chauvenet NSG 1er Cru Aux Argillas 2011

Domaine Jean Chauvenet NSG 1er Cru Les Damodes 2011

Domaine Chevillon-Chezeaux NSG 1er Cru Aus Champs-Perdrix 2011


From the Middle:


Domaine Jean Chauvenet NSG 1er Cru Les Poulettes 2011

Domaine Jean Chauvenet NSG 1er Cru Les Perrieres 2011

Domaine Chevillon-Chezeaux NSG 1er Cru Les Crots 2011

Domaine Chevillon-Chezeaux NSG 1er Cru Les Porets 2011

Domaine Chevillon-Chezeaux NSG 1er Cru Les St-Georges 2011

Domaine Jerone Chezeaux NSG 1er Cru Les Vaucrains 2010


From the South:


Domaine Patrice Rion NSG 1er Cru Clos des Argillieres 2011

Domaine Patrice Rion NSG 1er Cru Clos St Marc Monopole 2011


To view the wines and tasting notes on our website click here.


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A fascinating array of different reds from Nuits-St-Georges. You may order on line, by email or by telephone. Only 4 Packs available.





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Beaune Terroirs
The Terroirs of Beaune 2010-2012 Mixed Dozen Tasting Pack

 Beaune boasts an incredible 44 Premier Crus but no Grand Crus. Some say that the original accessments were rather generous. Many of the powerful names of Burgundy are located in and around the wine capital and that no doubt had an influence. 


The good news is that recent years have seen giant steps forward in this commune. The smaller makers will tell you that the problems have stemmed from the significant holdings of the large negociants, who made the wine in their style, not as a reflection of the terroir.


Our Beaune producers tend to be small and produce wines that really do speak of their terroir.


This Mixed Dozen Tasting Pack contains 11 Premier Crus and 1 Villages Reds from a variety of makers! There are many options for tasting different makers, vintages and vineyards.


Normally $1001.75

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Special Offer $851.45


For a list of the wines and tasting notes click here.



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