Team Building Wine Tasting Events

Corporate team building events allow your staff to think outside the box and challenge themselves and each other in ways they have not experienced before. Our innovative wine tasting/options events will be a talking point for your staff long after the event!


How it works


Mix business with Pleasure

Wine appreciation- almost everyone in corporate life wants to know more about wine. All our events can be catered to your needs from a small group wanting to sample the Worlds best Wines to booking out a restaurants that caters for hundreds….


We have created a few events


The Wine Challenge


This is an Interactive wine game guaranteed to strengthen any team

A team based “wine options” game. The team is divided into groups, sat at tables, and asked a series of questions about wines that are served masked. With the questions come a series of possible optional answers – hence the term ‘wine options’. Teams are awarded points for identifying the correct answer. The process of identifying the correct answers requires some wine insight, but more importantly a capacity to truly listen to the MC, some logic, and some willingness to discuss the likely correct answer amongst the team members. We encourage a dynamic of having teams work as teams and we also encourage competition between the teams – correct answers earn points. We include some game theory, and through the event we pass on a significant amount of wine knowledge. The goal is fun, and to develop skills of comprehension, interaction and deduction. Attendees receive a wine education pack


Introduction to Wine


Our informal wine appreciation seminars provide the perfect addition to a conference, company event, staff training programs. They are also an ideal stand-alone team-building event. We present up to a dozen quality wines that suit your budget, always selecting the best wines for each grape variety. Participants will learn how to use all their senses to appreciate wine, including sight, smell and taste. We encourage participants to teach themselves this process, thus acquiring transferable skills on the way. In addition to the tastings, we discuss the grapes, aromas, tannins, acid, regions and styles; how to make sense of the wine label; and how to buy, store, serve and savour a good bottle. Upon completion of the event, participants become practised wine appreciators.


Group Size

6 - 100



60 to 90 minutes. Perfect either before or after dinner and is a smart and creative alternative to a cocktail hour.

Great medium for getting to know each other To be entertained and Learn something new



Number of venues available we will cater to your requirements


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