Domaine Michel Mallard Corton Les Marechaudes Grand Cru 2012 (3517)

Domaine Michel Mallard Corton Les Marechaudes Grand Cru 2012 (3517)

France - Burgundy - Cote de Beaune - Aloxe-Corton
Pinot Noir

A little bit of history...

Les Maréchaudes extends over the direct eastern side of the Corton Hill in the commune of Aloxe‐ Corton. The meaning of this climat’s* name would indicate a marshy area located at the intersection between the villages of Aloxe‐Corton and Ladoix‐Serrigny (MARESCHE meaning swamp in old French). Since this time, these lands have been enhanced for the planting and cultivation of vines.


From the vine to wine

Grape variety : Pinot noir Area : 30 ares 35

Age of vines : Between 60 and 65 years Yield : 30 at 35 hl/ha

Soil : Shallow to heavy soil, with a clayey to clayey‐sand texture and moderate stone content. The composition was the result of the weathering of oolitic and bioclastic limestones (skeleton remains of living organisms) from the formation of limestone deposits between Dijon and Corton. This soil composition allows for a good aeration of the soil.


Wine growing

The vineyard is managed in a well‐reasoned and logical manner depending on the climate and the level of disease occurrence. At the vineyard, we conserve and improve the life of the soil by using techniques such as combing, grass coverage, organic composts and controlled treatment. All through the seasons, Dino, Rosa, Noël and Bruno assist the growth of the vines to ensure they produce healthy clusters of sweet, firm and juicy grape berries. In order to achieve the right balance between sweetness and acidity, they limit the amount of grapes produced by each vine stock. Plants that start to grow wild are thinned, tidied, aligned, and cropped to allow more air and light through their foliage. When the grapes have attained their optimal balance and maturity, the grape pickers split themselves up amongst the rows to harvest the grapes and start the sorting process.



In the winery, hands are busy at work around the sorting table, removing any grapes affected by potential foes of the vine such as botrytis cinerea fungus, downy mildew, powdery mildew, hail, or scalding etc. De‐stemmed grapes and whole clusters are stacked in stainless steel vats or wooden casks. We don’t like to interfere too much in the wine‐cellar; we prefer nature to take its course and produce its own vintage. It is a time where we need our senses to be fully alert: we listen, observe, feel, touch and taste this organic matter during its transformation. After about a week of maceration, the fermentation process begins. At the beginning, we prefer to do “punching of the cap” to gently extract the liquids, and at the end of fermentation; we perform pumping over to adjust the tannin structure of the wine. The wine is then drawn off and some of the pressed grapes are added to this juice. Once assembled, the cuvée is placed in French oak barrels.



During the ageing, which refers to the progression of wine between fermentation and bottling, the wine is allowed to rest so it can undergo processes of fining, stretching and harmonisation. This long storage period in oak casks bestows the wine with a greater degree of complexity and depth in terms of its structure. We take great care in the choice of our casks, we use wood from the forests of Allier and the Vosges. This Corton Grand Cru Les Maréchaudes, is designed to be kept for many years, it is aged between 16 at 18 months in 70% new wood casks (228L Burgundian tuns).


Wine tasting

Corton Grand Cru Les Maréchaudes reveals itself on the nose by an expressive bouquet of blackberry fruits, liquorice, cloves and a certain minerality. In the mouth, one first notices its elegance with a smooth tannic sensation. With a good degree of density, persistency, dignity, it is a truly harmonious wine ! Can be kept for many years.

Accompaniments: Duck breast, boeuf bourguignon, sautéed deer in a red wine sauce, wild boar stew in a crème de cassis sauce, rich cheeses…

Température de service : 14 °C

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Professional Reviews


As one might reasonably expect given the natural inclination of Les Maréchaudes to produce what are among the more refined versions of Corton, this is quite aromatically elegant with its pretty array of ripe and very fresh red berry fruit scents that are liberally sprinkled with hints of dried flowers, spice and soft earth hints. The palate impression of the middle weight flavors is equally refined with a hint of minerality adding lift to the dusty, balanced and solidly persistent finale where a hint of mocha appears. A sleek and well-proportioned Corton that should drink well young if desired. 92/2020+

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